Reverse osmosis – uncomplicated to clean drinking water

Whether in a contaminated living environment or traveling – in many places a treatment of water is necessary to reach edible and harmless drinking water. To free the water from germs, bacteria and other foreign substances, various filtering methods are available with varying degrees of success. The use of reverse osmosis membranes is one of the methods that filters a particularly large spectrum of pathogens and is one of the best filter methods for edible drinking water.

What does reverse osmosis mean?

The principle of osmosis is found in nature in many areas. In this physicochemical process, there is a directional flow of liquids through a separation layer, which can unilaterally create an increased concentration of certain chemicals and ingredients. What exactly is separated or filtered in this way depends on the nature of the membrane chosen.

The Reverse Osmosis Membrane takes up this principle and continues it for the production of clean drinking water. It works with a multi-layered membrane whose pores have different fineness in different layers. The membrane filter is designed so that in the end only pure water molecules can pass through the filter and foreign substances of all kinds get stuck in one of the membrane layers. What remains is pure drinking water, which can be enjoyed without hesitation and makes a significant contribution to safe water supply at home or on the move.

What is the principle behind the reverse osmosis membrane?

The membrane filtration is realized by a directed water flow. This starts, for example, by connecting to a faucet, through which the water from one direction penetrates into the filter and the various layers of the reverse osmosis membrane passes. The principle of reverse osmosis is triggered by pressure, which may be the natural water pressure from the tap in combination with an electrically or mechanically enhanced pressure. Alone the pressure makes it possible to concentrate certain ingredients on one side of the membrane, forcing the separation of the water molecules from bound substances such as germs, bacteria or viruses.

The individual membrane chambers of the reverse osmosis membrane are usually arranged in a circle, whereby the filtering of objects with different diameters can be realized. The water is guided spirally through the membrane filter and passes through the pores of different fine filter fabrics. The fineness of the pores is spoken by a few nanometers. Alone water molecules are so tiny, the tissue in the finest subdivision to happen, all other objects and pathogens remain suspended in one of the layers. The pressure acting from the outside releases the chemical bond so that the pure water molecules can actually pass to the other end of the membrane.

Advantages of the membrane over other filtering methods

The use of a reverse osmosis membrane is regarded as the most important and safest way to obtain harmless drinking water in spring water quality. This is due to the extremely fine filtering, which is not achieved by other methods such as activated carbon filters or sediment filters. While these are used primarily for pesticides and chlorine for a fundamental cleansing of the water, a reverse osmosis membrane alone filters out a wider range of foreign substances. The most important ones include:

– Viruses and bacteria (eg Coli bacteria)
– organic substances of all kinds
– pesticides and sediments
– Metals such as copper, lead and arsenic compounds
– Chlorides, nitrates & fluorides
– and many more

Only in the filtration of chlorine, the reverse osmosis membrane has a low filtration, which can not be compared with an activated carbon filter. When using the filter method, however, other results are in the foreground, especially since the effect of small amounts of chlorine is not comparable to bacteria, viruses and other agents.

Compared to the mentioned methods, the reverse osmosis membrane is the only known filtering method that draws the entire spectrum of foreign bodies out of the water. Only in this way can you really be sure to obtain the purest drinking water and to treat water in a straightforward way. Easy connection to faucets makes handling our membrane filtration products particularly comfortable and helps you to enjoy fresh water at home and while traveling.