RF-RO 101

our smallest system

The RF-RO 101 is our smallest system. It is able to convert, for example, seawater into drinking water. The RF-RO 101 can be used and configured in modules. The variable modules also permit the production of larger amounts of drinking water without incurring any greater costs. Upon request, the drinking water can be after-treated accordingly.



10µm sediment filter


1 DTS (Disk Tube)

Drinking water volume

max 4500l/Day


Mineralisation, ultraviolet disinfection or chlorination possible

Water types

Seawater, brackish water, river water, groundwater, town water

Areas of use

Drinking water production on medium-sized or larger vessels, ferries, yachts or for supply in the offshore area

Safe usage in harbours

Activated carbon filters for dechlorination

Noise level

Sound insulation below 60 db (A)

Configure your system

tailored to your individual requirements


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