RF-RO 510

our all-round system

The RF-RO 510 is our all-round system. It’s very stable and yet compact build permits a large range of uses. The components used comply with the highest quality level. They are decisive for variable and long-term use of our products. This system easily supplies drinking water on board of medium-sized vessels.



10µm und 25µm


5-15 DTS (Disk Tube)

Drinking water volume

max 15000l/Day


Mineralisation, disinfection or chlorination possible

Water types

Seawater, brackish water, river water, groundwater, town water

Areas of use

Drinking water production on medium-sized or larger vessels, ferries, yachts or for supply in the offshore area


Complex multi-stage system or EDI for producing ultrapure water possible

Configure your system

tailored to your individual requirements


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